Breeding Quality Dairy Goats

Dairy goats should be just that dairy goats they should be able to perform both in the show ring and in the milking parlor. 

Coming from only the purest and finest of bloodlines, our lines include Hoanbu, Kastdemur, Stagelight and few other great lines.  We have brought in stock from all over the country.
Hendy Farms is a small dairy goat breeding farm located 35 miles outside of St Louis. We began our journey raising Nubian Dairy Goats and through some luck began raising Alpines as well.  Our Alpine herd began by winning a couple quality animals through raffles. Our herd is ever evolving as we strive to breed goats for both the show ring and the milking parlor.  We do participate in the ADGA Plus program.  Our goats are both Linear appraised and on DHIR testing.  We also test annually for CAE and have never had an abscess on the farm. We have also tested many of our Nubians for G6S testing.   

Breeding & Raising Dairy Goats.