Trulyblue R Rosebud

Show Record:


SS: GCH Lakeshore-Farms Bold Equasion +*B
SIRE:  Hoanbu BE Rainin on Sunday *B
SD: SG Hoanbu ATL Let it rain 4*M
DS: Goaty Acres PK Inspiration

DAM: Trulyblue I Rosabel *M
​DD: Trulyblue WEAA Rosealett

Rosebud is a new comer to our herd.  Her grand dam GCH Stagelight PR Rosalee also resides within our herd.  This doe hasn't been to many shows yet but we expect her to follow her grand dams footsteps. 

Hoanbu KFE Diamond in the Sky

Show Record:
2 X RGCH Ohio Dairy Goat Association 2013
1 X GCH  Henry County Fair 2016
1 X RGCH  Henry County Fair 2016

SS: Kastdemur's Full Disclosure ++*B
SIRE: GCH Kastdemur's Free and Easy +*B
SD: Kastdemur's Breeze 4*M
DS: SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Star Status +*B

DAM: SG Hoanbu Misty Starlight
​DD: SGCH Hoanbu Stripes Caravelle Misty

DOB: 01/27/2013
G6S: Normal
CAE: Negative

For Sale $800

DOB: 04/11/2015
G6S: Normal
CAE: Negative
Lakeshore RD Perfect Joy

Show Record:
1 X RGCH  Henry County Fair 2016

SS: Lakeshore DL Perfect Storm +*B
SIRE:  CH Lakeshore Perfecy Roo Dandy *B
SD: SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Dandy Tangaroo 4*M
DS: Jacobs Pride Peanut *B

DAM: SGCH AZ Apache Valley Pride and Joy *M
​DD: CH Cactus*Canyon Barbie

For Sale $600

DOB: 06/16/2014
CAE: Negative
GCH Stagelight PR Rosalee *M

Show Record:

RGCH Mississippi Valley Fair 2014
RGCH Fairbury Fair 2014

3 X GCH National Goat Expo 2014

SS: Lassenwood MIller Ozzie +B EX91EEE
SIRE: Stagelight LMO Princeton +B EX90VEE
SD: Stagelight Princess Day EX90EEEE
DS: Sweet*things Rocky Road *B
DAM: Stagelight RR Rockelle EX90VVEE
​DD: The Lo-Star Tamaruba Reba

DOB: 02/21//2014
G6S: Normal
CAE: Negative
DOB: 01/27/2008
G6S: Normal
CAE: Negative
Hoanbu LML Daylight

Show Record:


SS: SGCH J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy +*B
SIRE: Hoanbu PB Let me Lead
SD: GCH Hoanbu EXOD Moon Dance 3*M
DS: SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Star Status +*B

DAM: SG Hoanbu Stat Let There Be Light
​DD: SGCH Hoanbu Stripes Caravelle Misty *M

Daylight is one of the smaller does in our herd.  She has been maturing nicely year after year.  She has only gived us singles so far each year.  But she has given us the best kids every year which have all been retained. 

DOB: 03/07/2015
CAE: Negative
DOB: 03/30/2009
G6S: Normal
CAE: Negative
DOB: 04/19/2012
G6S: Normal
CAE: Negative
Jacob's Pride Southern Belle

Show Record:
1X GCH Heartland Dairy Goat Club 2014

1 X RGCH MIssissippi Valley Fair  2015

SS: M'S Sagebrush Klassic Rock
SIRE: Jacobs Pride Me Scott Classic
SD: SGCH Jacob's Pride ZA Scottish Mist 10*M
DS: Goldthwaithe Blue Ridge *B

DAM: Jacobs Pride Hollys Blue Belle 8*M
​DD: SGCH Jacobs Pride Hollywood Star 7*M

DOB: 5/11/2013
LA: 86 +EVV
G6S: Normal
CAE: Negative
DOB: 02/22/2013
LA: 85 V++V
CAE: Negative
Solay Dayo Gloria Pretty Girl

Show Record:
1 X RGCH  National Goat Expo 2013
1 X GCH  Fairbury Fair 2014

SS: J&R Spirit's Dakota Maxim +*B
SIRE: M's Sagebrush Maxim Matalato *B
SD: SGCH M's Sagebrush Katero's Milan *M
DS: M's Sagebrush SOB Marcellus

DAM: Solay Dayo Gloria Mar's Dixie
​DD: Rosebrook Clarabelle

Pretty Girl is one of my heaviest milkers within my herd. 

Hendy Farms HN Baby Girl

Show Record:


SS: SGCH Lakeshore Full Throttle +*B
SIRE:  Hoanbu FT Nitrous *B
SD: Hoanbu Status Sienna Zuri 3*M
DS: Jacobs Pride Mr Scott Klassic

DAM: Jacobs Pride Southern Belle
​DD: Jacobs Pride Hollys Blue Belle 8*M

SG Six-Point Kalina *M

Show Record:
1 X RGCH National Goat Expo 2014

SS: CH Six-Point Zoe's Zenith *B
SIRE: Six-Point Katoomba *B
SD: Dale-Haven M.T. Nutmeg 3*M

DS: SGCH Copper-Hill W.F. Papa Bear ++*B
DAM: CH Copper-Hill Papa's Lark
DD: Copper-Hill Brkaway's Dove 8*M

Heaviest milking doe in our herd. 

For Sale $1000

Jacob's Pride TPK Goodnite Kiss

Show Record:


SS: Wingwood Farm TY Zapata +*B
SIRE:  Jacob's Pride ZA Tootie Pop Kid *B
SD: SGCH Jacobs Pride Pop Rock Candy 10*M
DS: M's Sagebrush Puddn's Kisses

DAM: Jacobs Pride Top This Kiss
​DD: Jacobs Pride Excel to Za Top

DOB: 03/21/2015
CAE: Negative
Patch of Pines Quartz By Me

Show Record:
1 X RGCH  National Goat Expo 2014

SS: Alize Kharm Personified *B
SIRE: Alize the Way Forward *B (Spotlight sale buck)
SD: SGCH AZ Apache Valley Pride and Joy 1*M
DS: Sadda Bearly Adonijah

DAM: SG Ain-Ash-Shams TB Pleione 89VEEV
​DD: Ain-Ash-Shams Beltane

Quartz is a promising young doe.  She is maturing slowly and look for her to be every bit as good as her dam.

Nubian Does